October 11 Support Meeting

Wanted to remind you all of our upcoming meeting next week. we will meet on Thursday night 6:30pm October 11th.
Hope to see you there! I have attached the BJs fundraiser flyer. please come and support our group for lunch or dinner on Oct 17th as you can.
Marcia is also working to get us another profit share. Thanks to her for working so hard to support us.
We will discuss plans for our Christmas party at the next meeting.
Ben and Mackie wanted to thank us all for their gift.
They were very pleased to see the cross and enjoyed it very much. they bought one similar for their children.
All the best,
Ben White

September 12 Support Meeting

This month our support group moved into the fellowship hall at Christ United Methodist Church. This is a much larger room with plenty of space to grow. We are grateful for such a large and lovely space to meet.

After a great pot luck dinner with everything from fried chicken to pizza to fresh fruit and macaroni salads we sat down for another interesting meeting.

This month we voted to send a donation of $300.00 to Rock Steady Boxing which has recently been started here in College Station. This organization provides exercise directed at all the aspects of Parkinson symptoms. The program helps to improve core body strength, improve balance, hand-eye coordination and more. Many members of our support group are active members at Rock Steady and report that the program is immensely helpful at improving their lives.

We turned in questions and chose one to discuss. This time it was in reference to insomnia. Many of us have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep once we do. Several members contributed their own stories on this subject and contributed what they do to help. One suggestion was taking a health supplement available over the counter known as Melatonin. It is available at any pharmacy in town. Many members said it improved their ability to fall asleep and highly recommended it.

This topical discussion was popular and we will look forward to a new topic at the next meeting. The support group is a great place to meet new friends who understand what it is like living with Parkinson’s. Because Parkinson’s affects every person differently there is always more to learn.

If you, your spouse, or someone you know has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, or any of its forms, the Parkinson’s BCS Support group welcomes you to join us. We are always looking for new members so we can share our experiences with each other and support each other as we learn.

We have included links on the menu at the top of our site. Links to the Davis Phinney Foundation and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Both of these organizations are making great headway in research, and provide materials freely to anyone who wants to learn more about this disease. Please click on the links and visit both sites. You will find both of them filled with great information and insights.