Monthly Minutes October 2018

October, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Member Attendance (P = present, A= absent)
Ashley Nored P, PTA Committee Co President
Ben White P, PT Committee Co-President
Lindsey Propst P, PT Committee Co-President
Marcia /Gary Drost P
Weihong Wen and Husband A
Gene Schiller/ Bernice Schiller P
Terry / Barbara Anderson P
Cindy Conte A
David /Betty Zipps P
Ron Elms / Bonnie Elms P
Marcia and Frank Zemanek P
Sandy Lovering/ David Forrest A
Pete / Nora Kunst A
Krystal Kazmierski P, PT
Michelle Ralston P, PTA
Casey Thomas P
Kendall Walker P
Ashley Falls P
Cary Bass / Sue Ellen Bass P
Doug and Linda Jackson P
Michelle Rolster P
Dave and Kathy Burdett P
Royce and Mary Hikman P
Kent and Carolyn McDonald P, Kent present, Carolyn absent
Lauren and Mike Karney P
Linda Sassen P
Jesse and Vargie Alvarez P

Topics Discussed:

  • Welcome by Ben to members
    • Intro to new members
  • Nametags given
  • Received one to two questionnaires from members who returned the form from last meeting
  • Updates on how leaders have heard member suggestions
    • Marketing items initiated during past month
      • KBTX televised special of Ben White and Marcia Drost to highlight therapy for parkinson’s
        • This association is highlighted in print on their website
      • Facebook page started
        • Asked members to submit any pictures they want on website
      • Website developed ( by Kent McDonald
        • Thank you letter presented by leadership to Kent
        • Association reimbursed him $48 to cover expense of website
        • Kent working to have comment box on website
    • Guest speakers
      • Opportunity to place topics of interest or speakers of interest into suggestion box
    • Rock Steady Boxing Social
      • Committee agrees with leadership proposal to move toward a social event at rock steady center instead of a formal monthly meeting there
  • New Ideas / Proposals from committee members
    • Marketing by radio and newspaper
    • Marlene recommends monthly newsletter
    • Recommendation to have association be announced at A&M football game
    • Christmas Party announced for December 13th
      • Single member voiced concern that funds should not be used for catering of a dinner (funds that were donated)
        • leadership states committee will vote next meeting on how to fund the Christmas Party
    • Tai Chi to a monthly meeting
  • Profit Shares
    • Update given by Marcia Drost
      • Need 17 more to sign up to qualify for oct 30th J Cody’s fundraiser event
      • Nov 14th event at On the Border does not need people to sign up
      • BJs fundraiser is ongoing
  • Question from Suggestion box
    • Last month’s question that was not yet addressed was addressed this meeting
      • how do we deal with anger? Do you experience anger?
        • A caregiver gave information on how spouse can have anger at times leading to distress for the both of them
          • many members voiced empathy and suggestions to him
          • talk about the importance of medication management with physician and neurologist
    • one member will be developing a support group exclusive to caregivers
  • Birthday Celebration
    • Marcia Drost brings gift for randomly selected October birthday winner (device to protect parkinson’s individuals from being sensitive to cold /hot bowls)
      • she is the only one with a bday this month
        • she plans to offer this gift for next month
  • Brazos Valley Parkinson’s Association Leaders:
  • Ashley Nored
  • Lindsey Propst
  • Benjamin White